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Origin of psychosis, psychoses, causes, cultural sources


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I made a mistake clicking on this thread. Even the title makes no literal sense. And then, as you read down, you find no credible explanation of the causes of mental breakdown. From my study and experience, I am aware of many causes, causes of all kinds. One man I saw in an inteview who had syphlitic damage in his brain thought people were piping poisonous gas into his house and making it hard for him to think. He believed he was Napoleon, also.


In another case, the woman was aware of all her surroundings but could not make useful decisions. It was then called manic depressive. The cause is unknown. She has no religious faith.


I am a non-theist but had depressive episodes when I was young.


In a science forum like this, I think everyone should take on some responsibility and put in something scientifically valid and not some theory concocted just to offend the faithful and philosophy---even though I sympthize with his motive!

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The evolutionary function of religion is to prove people with a sense of community. That is, with common beliefs, it is easier for them to live and work together for common goals. It also provides something to agree on in regard to morals. All that has nothing to do with insanity.


Insanity it is when an individual has such mental/emotional problems as to be disabled or a threat to themselves or to others. But even with that, there are exceptions. For example, a person can be paranoid without ever doing any harm to others, but it all has nothing to do with religion.


Some people say religious fundamentalists are insane because their beliefs are hundreds if not thousands of years behind the times and beyond the reach of science, but such too-old beliefs are not insane nor make a person insane. Making the connection as you have in this post is merely a surrepticious attack on the beliefs of others.

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Meditation is very useful, meditation is the third state of brain activity after waking and sleeping. Meditation and prayer is the same thing - communication with God. it is Important to talk directly to God and not connected to the egregore. It is better to send positive thoughts and emotions, thanks to the world. In a state of prayer pathological link between brain cells can be destroyed. God & evil are in every thing - there is yoga with pure light energy (I like Agni yoga) and there is yoga esteblished in selfishness, there are a lot of good christians (I love Christ) and there are a lot of distortions in doctrine of Christ, there is pure word of Magomed (I love Magomed) and there is spoiled islamism... Also I love Budda, Sai Baba, Maitreya. Be carefull with the new theory :)

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