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I have to submit a manifestio for the cultural fest organised by our college as beeing the cultural deparment head.

I wished to do something unusual apart from the regular stuff which we have beeing doing from past many years.

Can you all sugesst me some events which i can add. Its a Engineering college's cultural festival. The events that i have already put in the manifestio are:

1. Main Activities

· Debating society

· Painting club

· Photography club

· Dance club

· Music club

Ø Vocal music

Ø Instrumental music

· Creative writing club

· Drama club

· Quizzes.

2. Anonymous activities(side activities)

· Kite making and flying.

· Soap carving.

· Entertainment games.

· Rock concert

Please i need urgent help!!!

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Can you propose an event that incorporates most, if not all, of the clubs you've listed? A play using all the other elements (written by the creative writing club, sets painted by the painting club, music/rock concert by the music club, etc) might showcase how different cultural elements can come together to enhance each other.

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If one big event using most if not all of the clubs sounds too daunting (and it would be), perhaps you could have multiple smaller collaborations between two or three clubs. The idea of combining the various groups should help keep them from isolating themselves the way it happens so often with specialty organizations.

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