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Just started The Dawn of Everything by Graeber and Wengrow. My Kindle can't hold a charge anymore, so I'm restricted to bedtime reading when it can stay plugged in. (Not in a hurry to replace, since i prefer paper books anyway.)

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On 4/30/2022 at 5:07 PM, Qilin said:

Haha I know what you mean! Was so confused, but the book is pretty intimidating in terms of size…

I’m currently reading Daring Greatly by Brené Brown and Walden by H.D. Thoreau. Both very very good reads so far!

Oooomg... It seems like I'll read a short summary just to understand who is who and what's going on) and maybe I won't read it at all cause so much needs to be done about my various projects...
By the way now I'm re-reading Hobbit. When I was a child nothing confused me there at all except a slight feeling of something heavy and sad... I have this feeling for all Tolkien's books though I truly enjoy this author. 
But now it seems even meanly for me that Gandalf to delude Bilbo to take part in the adventure... cause everything should be voluntarily in this life, I'm strongly against any kind of manipulation. Though it's very hard not to manipulate at all and not to be manipulated, but... the time has come for me to overthink all the previous values, "cools", "adventures", "excitements" -were they really so good, needed and useful?..

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