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Why do adults frown upon running around to get to places?

A Tripolation

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Ha, that was my reasoning too, except I didn't dare to bring it up since people acted like I wanted to run around with a machete in my hands randomly swinging it. :D

And bicycles are for pansies. :P

Ah, you, and all your country are still in the phase where you think that a bicycle is a status symbol (it's not much of a status symbol, I admit).

Over here, it's simply the fastest way to get from A to B (old town centers, many one-way streets, never any traffic jam for bikers).


Oh, and Jill, cycling down a school hallway is quite possibly the most fun thing I've ever done. That's either incredibly awesome or incredibly sad.

I still think people should start running everywhere. Seems to me like the world would be a better place that way.

Hmm - running inside can be quite dangerous. I was thinking of outside - plenty of space, good view and cool air.


Anyway, you can still run. Just wait until it starts to rain. Sometimes I am even happy when it's raining. Gives me an excuse to run. :)

Depending on the quality of your roof, this one probably won't work inside either.

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Yeah, unicycles are the way to go.
Hm, what about the power walker thingimagigs? They're like short, bouncy stilts, that can put a real spring in your step. I've never used them, so I'm not sure how they compare with bicycles.
Tell you what, you ride your unicycle, and Mr Skeptic and I will race you wearing these:



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But, when I tried this at my uni to get to my class quicker, I get looks from almost everyone as if I'm some sort of loon.
Phi, I suggest that next time we should run, waver our arms and scream incoherently.
That did not raise any eyebrow among the students.

Tie a carrot onto a stick from a headband, next time -- with arms out front as if trying to catch it.


Doubt you'll see mad (or expressionless) faces :)



Tell you what, you ride your unicycle, and Mr Skeptic and I will race you wearing these:



>:D The pic's author seems far less excited about them...


A while back my brother was all excited about his new springy running shoes. He was telling me how great these things were and how he could now run like the wind and I should buy some and blah blah blah blah. Then a week later I call him and suddenly he doesn’t want to talk about his new springy running shoes. They’ve apparently been relegated to the closet with all the rest of the crap he’s fallen for over the years. (It’s a big closet and it’s crowded.)

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haha. Those shoes are sexy.

I run in the school halls. I trip over little juniors. Then i yell at them. Teachers don't mind. :D


I would run to places, but i am so seriously unfit, that i can't even bend my back without yelling in pain.

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