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Traveling back in time

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Hey guys,

I have thought of many interesting topics and one of them is the "Traveling back in time".

First I want to say that maybe there is such a question in this forum and I apologize if there really is...

Second, excuse me if you find mistake in my English :D


So, I have thought a lot about traveling back in time.Of course I couldn't invent a time machine ( xD ), but there is one paradox and I want to talk about it with you...

Imagine that you invent a time-traveling machine and go back in time.Incidentally you kill one of your predecessor (for example-father, mother...).

That means that if he/she dies you would never been born.

HERE comes the Paradox => If you have never been born, that means that you have never traveled back in time and you haven't killed your father/mother.Yes, ok...

but if that is so, they will live, you will be born, you will travel back in time, you will kill him/her and so on forever...

PLS HELP :confused:

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