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<Windows root>/systems32/ntoskrnl.exe.

cameron marical

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Hello, so I have this computer of mine wich is made from scratch really, like a digital Frankenstein.


It runs on WindowsXP, and is usually great, but the other day it took a bit longer to load then usual, and all the sudden, before loaded the screen went blank and a message saying that the <Windows root>/systems32/ntoskrnl.exe. file is corrupted or missing, and to please reinstall it with recovery disk.


Well, I dont have any disk for it, and I am kind of at a loss for plan of action towards getting that file. I have looked on line a bit, but couldnt really find anything.


Can anyone help me?



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I found this list of instructions that might help providing you have an xp cd.


In Step 7 to change the drive to the CD drive in Command Prompt just type the drive letter of your CD player and then a colon, X: ,then press Enter




If you follow the second set of instructions (repair installation) you might have to download all the updates again but everything else should be unaffected.


If you Google 'NTOSKRNL.exe' you'll find lots of stuff on your problem.


A dodgy keyboard cable (grounding problems) can cause this problem so try swapping it with another if the problem recurs.


Hope this helps


EDIT: Sorry, just noticed you haven't got the disk.

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