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I don't think he's necessarily done that quite yet - are we taking the predicted debt we're accruing over the next couple of years as already counted against him?


I'm with Bascule on this one


Well, I was never sure where Bascule was going with his statement regarding Reagan and Bush, except maybe to reply to gre that there isn't a substantial difference between Republicans and Democrats. If that was his point, then I also agree; and I think the fact Obama has spent more than previous presidents (as did G.W. Bush) clearly illustrates the similarities on at least the deficit between the two political parties.


I'm sure someone here will say, but Clinton balanced the budget so I'd like to pre-emptively point out Clinton did so with a Republican congress. Again, this shows the two parties behave in a very similar manner, at least with regards to the budget deficit.

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In fact, during the Clinton administration, the average annual GDP growth was 3.7% across his eight years. While some of that was related to tech, that's a huge economic growth to average over the course of two terms, and better than a great many other presidents. Unfortunately, the mere mention of the name Clinton in an economic sense among self-proclaimed conservatives results in scoffs and dismissals.







Laying a deficit at the feet of Obama this early in the game seems to rest on the flawed assumption that he was able to start with a relatively level playing field. I'm rather confident that Obama would have done many things differently had he not had to prevent us from going over the edge into a depression. He made choices he simply didn't want to make, but he absolutely had to. I'm going to refrain from judgment until I see more and have more to go on. We're only 9 months in, and he strikes me as a long-term 3-dimensional chess-like thinker so I still have hope... For now.

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I'm pretty much convinced the GOPs survival is (and has been historically) based on twisting reality, and exploiting (and promoting) ignorance... What are some other issues they like to twist?


The "L" word mentioned above.. Why is it bad, exactly, to be a "Liberal" and spend Tax payer money on government programs?


They cater to the religious groups (mostly ignorant) who want to force their values on others .. Gay marriage is bad, abortion is bad (but having 20 kids is OK), stem cell research is bad (but millions suffering is just fine)


The poor/middle class who vote for the GOP for economic reasons have been deceived into believing the GOP represents their economic class.


War is good for america, the economy, and spending trillions on war doesn't make a republican a liberal?



When is the public going to get a clue they're being taken for a ride?

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