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Help : Transfinite Numbers

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From wikipedia


On Absolute Infinite:


The Absolute Infinite is Georg Cantor's concept of an "infinity" that transcended the transfinite numbers. Cantor equated the Absolute Infinite with God. He held that the Absolute Infinite had various mathematical properties, including that every property of the Absolute Infinite is also held by some smaller object.


On Transfinite Numbers:


Transfinite numbers, also known as infinite numbers, are numbers that are not finite. These numbers were discovered by Georg Cantor.


The infinite is usually defined as that which has no bounds in space or time.


The continuum hypothesis states that there are no intermediate cardinal numbers between aleph-null and the cardinality of the real numbers (the "continuum"): that is to say, that aleph-one is the same as the cardinality of the real numbers.


In both the cardinal and ordinal number systems, the transfinite numbers can keep on going forever, with progressively more bizarre kinds of number.


Beyond all these, Georg Cantor's conception of the Absolute Infinite surely represents the absolute largest possible concept of "large number".

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Oh thanks celine. But i already bought Rudy Rucker's Infinity and the Mind. But thanks anyways.

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