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0D Locations and Gravitational Packing.


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The first 0D location is within infinite potential locations.


A second location can't exist in the same place as the first, but it can't exist seperate from it either because each of the two points have equal relevance to eachother and distance is a relative value, not singular. I would like to say the two points are gravitionally packed and create no distance.


A third point is also gravitationally packed forming a conceptual eq. triangle but there is no distance, because there is not a relative value, only a single one.


The fourth point creates a conceptual tetrahedron and all values are still equal, not relative, so there is no relative space. Only an infinite potential for more zero dimensional locations.


In relative terms there could be one, two, three or four 0D points, because there are no measurable values as all conceptual distances and angles are equal leaving no fractal values.


The fifth point creates the first space because OD locations can't occupy the same place and it can't possibly be placed at the same distance. Now that two different distances and angles exist, we can say relativity exists and there is a minimal distance between points.


That's my blurb about gravitationally packed 0D points. Thanks.

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