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The Selfish Gene Theory

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Just now, ZeroZero said:

I find it very intriguing that someone can actually argue that "Donald Duck created the Universe"  is an explanation. Sound like a Jehovah' Witness kind of reasoning to me. Ha Ha.

lol - Being fair - His point was 'whatever the real explanation is is actually true whether we like it or believe it or not'  -  as far as I can tell. It is superfluous imo as it is just so obvious. What we have with ET is a lot of scientific evidence which points to it being the most likely mechanism for the development of life. Many don't believe it, but that doesn't make it wrong. Not being able to prove or disprove it doesn't make it right or wrong.

I'll repeat once more to get back on the thread - I like Dawkins. I like his humanity. I like his logic. I liked his book - The God Delusion, which mentions and sums up his past books like The Selfish Gene. I found his interviews with Bill O'Rielly really, really embarrassing...  that O'really guy is a total idiot....  and rude with it. I despair that people like that are accepted as mainstream newscasters and are allowed to sway so much opinion.



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