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Super Sonic Shock waves

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A supersonic shock wave starts at the nose cone of a craft breaking the sound barrier.

That shock wave is not limited to the surounding craft but travels in a cone shape outward.

These shock waves travel outward untill it hits the ground is where we get the ( Sonic Boom ) that can shatter windows.


But a coned shockwave also travels skyward unill it hits the clouds which you then can see the waves travel in a striaght lines as fast as the jet.

A shockwave wave can travel for miles untill it hits a target as earth or cloud cover.


I'v seen that happen and am a withness to visibly see a shockwave.:eek:

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well, you didn't see the shockwave directly. you only seen the disruption it caused in the cloud layer. and it wouldn't have stopped at the cloud layer.


you can view them directly by using schlerrin(sp?) photography.


is there any discussion you wanted to bring up here?

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No I did not use an intrument but visually seen the wave hit the clouds above that traveled in striaght lines as fast as the jet.


Years later the Gov. banned the sonic booms over the valley of california because of complaints.


They do sonic flights over mountains and nevada.


Darn how I miss those days.:eyebrow:

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