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infinite space


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analogy? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analogy


Answer: thats completely irrelevant.

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Yes everyone here knows that, people are simply providing you with analogies and metaphors in order to help you comprehend the curvature of space time.


Also using Einstein's General Theory of Relativity it is possible to calculate the curvature of space; it was actually how the theory was proven.


Show me this "proven" evidance.


Space does not bend to a return point, thats just crazy imagination.


Theres only one time, NOW!

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Evidence for general relativity:


GPS satellites need GR modifications to their clocks to keep in sync.


The orbits of the planets.

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New invention: semi transparant solar energy/light reducing panels.

For hot countries to produce food within a building.

use the electricity to cool outgoing air to collect moisture to return to the soil.


Please keep on topic.

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"Please keep on topic?"

Sorry. Coudnt help myself.


Can you please extend the forum's system signature length.




No. And that was not on topic.


It was also not a recommendation, it was a politely-looking encouraging suggestion from a moderator, hinting you should AVOID posting anything that is not following the subject of the thread. It was meant to warn you against breaking our rules, infinitesolid2.


I recommend you stop mocking a friendly suggestion from a forum moderator and go read our rules.

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If you go in a line, and not follow this so called "Bend" in space, would it be infinite? when you do reach a so called "End", would there be another side? Yes!


Take an elastic string and fixing the ends, lets call them A and B. Now imagine pulling down on the elastic in the middle, making a "V" shape. The distance between A and B (along the elastic) has changed.


What if the "curvature" was infinite, that is the "V" becomes infinitely deep?


Technically, I think this is no longer manifold, but anyway, is this what you had in mind?


(To do this more technically, you need a metric on the line (or interval).)

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If I am walking on a treadmill, i am not moving relative to the floor. I would be able to walk forever. There would be no wall stopping my walking, so in essence my walking would be infinite. At least, until i needed another donut to keep my legs going.


Spacetime is expanding. So long as we walk behind the rate of that expansion, the universe will seem as infinite because we will never get to any end, even if one exists.


Spactime expansion does suggest a sense of infinite space. Depends on the frame of reference used.

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