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It's time again!


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So each year i ask you guys for possible project ideas for me. for school.

This year i was thinking of doing a project on Thomas Morgan Hunt and sex inheritance but i don't know i did decapentplegic homology last year and that ran around that sorta same theory.


Basically, i need something in advanced biology

maybe one of these:

Phrenology the derivation of a persons character traits from shape of skull

Mycology fungi

Algology algae


some project ideas and suggestions would be great!

thanks ya'll :)

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Well let's start by saying that phrenology has been revealed to be pseudoscience. Writing about the history of it may be interesting, but would not be a biological project.


I quite enjoyed the fictional concept, invented by Terry Pratchett, of retrophrenology, whereby a person's character can be altered by means of a hammer applied to the head to change its shape

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