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can anybody do this?


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it's not really homework or anything, just something that came into my head.


for a regular shape with n sides of length m inscribed in a circle of radius r, write a formula of m in terms of r and n.

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Sure, the length of a chord is [imath]2 \cdot r \cdot \sin{\frac{\theta}{2} }[/imath] where [imath]r[/imath] is the length radius and [imath]\theta[/imath] is the angle made when radii are drawn between the ends of the chord and the circle's centre. (chord length).


So set [imath]\theta[/imath] to [imath]\frac{2\pi}{n}[/imath] or [imath]\frac{360}{n}[/imath], depending on your preferred units.

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wow nice i'm surprised i thought it would calculations i didn't know it was already kind of defined


so [imath]m =

2 \cdot r \cdot \sin{\frac{180}{n} }



nice work

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