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Anger Management


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When I was younger I new how to get mad untill my veins bulged and wife took off into another room.


As now i'm at 67 years old I relized to wonder ( I've lost it ) my ability to get mad of depression and anger.

What happened to me ?. I love to joke around and laugh more.


Did I reach old age ?. I still have a full set of hair and perfect teeth and go to Balleys gym regularly have sex with my wife at lest twice a week and still tel her that she looks very pretty in the morning and she tells me she knows what I want. I told her that L'm not dead yet.


I love to travel the world with her and I been retired for 6 years from farmingAlmonds.


Is my body feeling my youth and love for life and helpfull to people when they are hurting and hungry ?.:doh:

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