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Absolutely brilliant Blade; If this works, I shall be forever indebted. :) (And utilising the spare time, once drafted to deleting junk emails, to further my ambitions of global dominance, by means of vast propaganda- spewing republican armies. heh heh heh >:D All the best...)

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Yes indirectly, if I want to download some software or some such (like Open Office) that is free..because you have to give an email address to qualify. This usually results in some periodic advertising mail from them..nothing aggressive. Not technically spam.is it? I can block it if I want to with Gmail :D


I've only ever had Google's Gmail and don't understand other peoples problem with spam! :rolleyes: I've got hundred's of emails in my archive and I think I've only received one bit of spam in 9 months using it.


You also get 7gb storage space so you can keep everything without any periodic deletion to make space for new mail.


It's a no brainer for me :cool:





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