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Create a hot plasma


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I think creating hot plasma is impossible because it is considered a material to turn into plasma when exceeds well over the the evaporation temprature.

On the other hand if we used an element such as Nitrogen it may be possible in a few decades.

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Hi, I was wondering whether anyone new if it was possible to create a hot plasma from air in a small chamber? Also, if possible around what temperature could the Plasma be? Thanks in advance!


depends on what you define as "plasma"


technically, to remove an electron from a hydrogen atom and you have plasma of one atom (13.6ev)


how about inventions?




The present invention relates to a plasma hydrogen generator. The plasma hydrogen generator of the present invention comprises a main body for causing a mixture of hydrogen and its isotopes to be ionized, and magnet for generating a magnetic field in the main body, and the main body includes a plurality of tubes through which flow of ions in the ionized mixture is discharged. According to the plasma hydrogen generator of the present invention, there are advantages in that the efficiency of hydrogen generation can be improved by eliminating a possibility of oscillatory relaxation and its production costs can also be remarkably reduced due to its simplified structure


and lots in google



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hot plasma is easy to create. look at nuclear fusion reactors, paritcle accelerators, plasma arc welding, the sun, ionthrusters, electric arcs. the list goes on.


true, you can't make a plasma out of a compound as most break appart but elemental and mixtures of elements work fine.

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