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F/A-22 Raptor vs Su-43 Berkut


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I am sure the raptor is the only current plane which can go supersonic witought the need of afterburners.


Actually there is at least one other 'current' plane capable of supercruise (supersonic flight without afterburning) - the Eurofighter Typhoon. This also has the capability to be fitted with thrust-vectoring engine nozzles with no alterations to the actual aircraft, although obviously there would need to be control/software updates as the aircraft is dynamically unstable.


I don't know about the Su-43 but in a comparison of the BVR capabilities of some recent fighters, only the F-22 (91%) beat the Typhoon (82%), with the Su-35 scoring 50%.

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Plus' date=' it has to be noted that most of the money spent on wars is spent in that country's homeland, which helps the economy quite a bit.[/quote']


Depends on how you see. Money spent on war is usually money held by that country. It does very little to pull new money into the country. This money pumped into the system comes from other resources or at the cost of increased national debt. To put this into the cliche economic terms, we make more guns rather than butter.


The problem is, butter can be exported into the global economy and bring cash back into our country, where as guns, usually sit here until we use them. We don't go selling our army-tech as openly as other resources.


Sure, war spending can help jump-start a slugish economy by increasing consumer confidence and releasing more cash into the economy, but it can not substain the economy as a whole. Only projects that increase our resources or improve the efficancy at which we use these resources can truely help.

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The Raptor is still a classified project. To add on to that It is extremely expensive, combine that with classified and so it probably has secret technology on it.


On the fighter look at the nose. It could house a plasma shield emiter. Or something better to protect against droppler radar and other stealth detecting systems. No one knows what the Raptor's full potential is. ;)


So the Raptor probably has some crazy technology on it. The coating on the Raptor is complicated and it could have some properties to add more steal than the F-117 or the B-2 The raptor is the Ultimute killing machine.


My condolences to the Raptor team about the raptor crash :-( but they couldve just been testing an expieremental system and they had an error and so it overloaded or something like that. it blew up in the the middle it coudve have been anything. Look how secretive the USAF is about it it has to be a secret technology. I'm gald they keep it secret. The Raptor probably includes the whole package. The raptor will be the ultimate killing machine! :D



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Raptors are replacing the Eagles =(, and what a coincidence! After that, MD gets bought by Boeing! Anyways, F-22 should be combined with F-35 JSFs, but the VTOL nozzles of F-35 would render the stealth tech on Raptors useless, since the nozzles will be rotating. =(

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Let me tell you what I know about American and Russian planes in General.


You dont know anything about American and Russian planes in General.


Russia is a country where the government makes the plane while US has many private companies to make planes


Partly true....

Russia has design bureaus which are basicly companys contracted by the goverment



The material in US is definately better than russian




since we have the space program where you test materials in space.






Also We are by the ocean' date='



Russia has 3x as much coastline as america....



American computers' date=' common, many good programers and EE from all over the world gets to work here, more brains, what more can I say.



Theres nothing to stop russians buying powerfull computers...


The vector throttle' date=' common , russian vector throttle is fake. They're not even flat like a vector. That's really stupid. They don't even have colant vent from outside to cool down the afterburner and they wanted to claim that it's a stealth plane. WAT EVER!!! The wing swift forward was already tested by American with the plane X-29.





F-22 can surely out manuver that Su.


At out all the things youve said' date=' that is the most bs, the Su-27/30/33 whatever can easily "out manuver" any american fighter


Now im not saying the Su-47 is better than the F/A-22, im sure the 22 would probably win,


but people should keep in mind that just because the read the word "stealth" , its no reason to cream your pants and think that its completely invisable to radar when its not. im just sick of dumb americans who think that their crap is simply the best.


There're more things that I can talk about, but this is just for now.


Im sure there is alot of stuff you can talk about...


I wont be checking these forums again so flames are futile


Have a nice day :)

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both of the planes are very good fighters although the russian Berkut is still a prototype

the US gov is making the raptor seem like it is the best plane in the world but its not

i doubt it has the stealth that they say it has and if they both went up head to head then the berkut would still probly win

then agian its the pilots ability to fly that affects everything

me and my dad went to an airshow where they had an F-4 go up agianst an F-15 in a fake dogfight

the guy in the F-4 was an old Korean war ace and won

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besides we should stop trying to make planes to destroy each other unless we were expecting world war 3

we should instead try and focus on exploring space more

i think the skies on earth hav already been discovered ;)

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well, actually the aircraft desing is not only for flying , it gives pretty much information (of the research) for fluids. so many things used in aircrafts can be mmmm taken for other areas, such as space.

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