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Singularity and the Big Crunch


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If there was a big crunch as scientists claim then a universe before got rid of all the evidence.

But then type in ( Multiverse ) or multiple universes are like bubbles in a bath tub.


Maybe our universe is not alone out there.


Singularity can wipe out everything and start a new big bang. Like buying a new car and then becomes a junk heep thats sent to the scrap yard and a year later you bought a new car but then realised the metal was your old car.


Maybe big bangs that made our universe has recycled many times and no proof of infinity of time and space.:eek:

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I also believe that a universe and matter can recycle itself each time with us or without us.:doh:

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the big crunch requires a blackhole of infinite density to take in all the matter. But then if what Hawking told is true, then not all matter that gets into a black hole comes out of it. then again it is speculation.


the physics that holds true within the Universe need not hold for things outside the Universe. So, as of now, we don't have any chance of knowing.

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