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mysterious blob off the coast of alaska

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Anyone heard of the gooey twelve mile long substance they found on the north coast of alaska? It looks like an oil spill from the air but its more of an algae. The weird thing is the locals that hunt for whales for decades have never seen anything like this nor heard of any centry's old legend or myth about it. I believe it has something to do with global warming. Any ideas?

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*Shrug* if its not some sorta collection of human waste it could be some sorta massive microbe colony... recently mega-swarms of jellyfish have been popping up in northern waters (lotsa issues with that in the eastern pacific,) but I don't know if one of those can "melt down" and expire into a slime-slick. Someone's gonna have to sample it to know one way or another.


Bah... i can't find any article reference talking about its texture or consistency, just its color. I'm gonna go with the algae hypothesis.

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Sarah Palin did leave Alaska about then. Does anyone really know where she has been ? Think of the movies: " The Thing" and " Species". Maybe she is transforming into her next stage of developement and heading South toward the lower 48 States. Who knows for sure ? Perhaps Carl Rove does, but he`ll never tell us. He may be behind all this for all we know. ...DS

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Sarah Palin did leave Alaska about then. Does anyone really know where she has been ?


Actually, she just scored big bucks (six figures) giving a speech in Hong Kong where she criticized US foreign policy. Yes... Sarah Palin... being the wise sage of American foreign policy... I can see why she'd be a good choice for the talk. :rolleyes:





Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin emerged from a two-month absence from public view with a private talk, heavy on foreign policy, to a group of investors in Hong Kong.


Her 90-minute speech Wednesday at an investment conference touched on issues from financial markets to health care, Afghanistan and U.S-China relations. It was generally considered more moderate in tone than those Palin delivered during her 2008 campaign for vice president as Republican John McCain's running mate.


Still, a Democratic congressman chastised Palin for criticizing U.S. foreign policy during her first visit to Asia.


"Leaving aside the propriety of criticizing the president while on her first trip to Asia, the assertion that the United States is ignoring areas of disagreement with China is flat wrong," said Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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