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Maximo S.

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Hello all,


I'm Max, an 11th year student from Spain, and I'm very interested in science, specially in Biology. I would really like to study something related with biology or microbiology, and I am looking for some advice on which courses would help me finding a place in researching, and if there are any courses specially focused on this matter.


I would also like to know about where to study; if there are certain places that would offer me better options than others, for my purpose. I am currently living and studying in Spain, but I would have no problem in taking my university studies in the UK or anywhere else in Europe.


Thank you all for your help

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Hi there,


Have you thought about what aspects of biology or microbiology appeal to you - i.e. evolutionary genetics, therapeutic cloning, forensic microbiology, cells systems etc ? Once you have an idea of the fields you prefer you could then look for the centres of excellence and world leading labs for those subjects.


If you want to work in forensics try Leicester University (where Sir Alec Jeffreys created dna figerprinting).


I studied genetics at London University and highly recommend the place.


Good luck with your search


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