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cold and warm-blooded

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Do you recall which journal this was in? Or was it at the SVP meeting last week?


First of all, my apologies - I am not able to find the abstract just yet. When I put more thought into it, I realized that the seminar I heard these findings from was the North American Paleontological Convention back in 2001; I guess it was still recent on a geological time scale though...


What I recall from the lecture was that it was not the primary focus. As paleontologists tend to do, he became sidetracked and was discussing some unrelated yet, to him at the time, interesting findings and conclusions. I believe it was originally a lecture about synapsid morphology - specifically, whether Dimetrodon and Edaphosaur sails were cartilage-based or fleshy (as I recall, there was some mounting evidence of them actually being flesh-based sails).


I'll keep an eye out for the materials I brought back from the conference and see if I can dig up the presenter's name and abstract.

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