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Short lifespan with cloning ????


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Animals are often cloned by the method of 'somatic cell nuclear transfer'.

suppose, a cow which is about 10 years old is cloned by method of SCNT, its somatic cell nucleus has the genes which already have the information of how old the cow is i.e 10 yrs. now in this method, the complete nucleus of the somatic cell is transfered to an egg-cell of a donor. then this zygote is implanted artificially into another cows womb.


After a new calf(clone) is born, will its initial age be 10 years?


will its 1st birthday be its 10th birthday?


Average lifespan of a cow is about 20 yrs, so will this CLONED COW live only 10 years more?


Waiting for input.... :confused:

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