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Heart Tissue never rejuvenates? Heart Cells are never replaced?

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Say it ain't so!


(Is it so?)

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Nevermind I just found this:


There is an urban myth of sorts that says that all cells in our body are replaced every seventh year. Science has shown, however, that some types of cell are renewed each week, others never; for many cell types, the rate of replacement is still a mystery. For instance, it has long been mooted whether heart cells remain the same throughout life or whether they are replaced, a debate that is of immense significance to how cardiac diseases can be treated.


Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have now shown that human heart cells undergo continual, slow replacement. In a 20-year old, one per cent of heart cells are renewed every year; this rate then gradually declines over the years, reaching 0.5 per cent in a 75-year old.


The slow rate of turnover means that the majority of heart cells remain unreplaced during a normal human lifespan, leaving the heart a patchwork of cells that have been there from birth and cells that have been formed later in life.




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