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Fantasy Fight: G.O.A.T v The Brockton Blockbuster


Who would have one if they had fought each other?  

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  1. 1. Who would have one if they had fought each other?

    • Muhammad Ali (G.O.A.T)
    • Rocky Marciano (The Brockton Blockbuster)

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Ok I was just wondering if Muhammad Ali (G.O.A.T) ever fought Rocky Marciano (The Brockton Blockbuster), both at their peaks, who would have come out victorious?


Muhammad Ali Career:


Total fights 61

Wins 56

Wins by KO 37

Losses 5

Draws 0

No contests 0 (Source: Wikipedia)


Rocky Marciano Career:


Total fights 49

Wins 49

Wins by KO 43

Losses 0

Draws 0

No contests 0 (Source: Wikipedia)


I personally think that Ali would have owned Marciano, He was fast, he was ring intellegent and he would have psyched out marciano before he had even entered the ring with him. Rocky was of course great but I think Ali was/is the Greatest of all time.


Lets see what you think!

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Who would have one what? One ice cream?


In the end, Rocky wins.


Please add an option "I just felt like voting" next time, for people like me... I just like to click teh buttonz


Now thats a funny way to put ones mistake:doh:! who did u vote anyway?

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