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age please


age please  

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  1. 1. age please

    • below 15
    • 15-25
    • 25-35
    • 35-45
    • 45-55
    • above 55

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mine is better. he is a mini chihuahua and he is all black. for some reason(i have no clue why), my sister found out he only has one testicle.


he is very territorial. if anyone comes within a few meters of my house. he will barck like crazy. if someone comes in or out of my house, they are attacked. funny little devil. i guess he is mad about his limited manhood.

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I've been traveling in the fourth dimension for 1.513728 times 10^17 meters

I'm xy

I live in the only country in the world whose federal bonds have never defaulted. </trying to be smart>


*looks in Obnoxious's profile*


16...North Korea...hmm that was certainly easier. </trying the simplest route first> ;)


As for myself, 25/f/USA

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21/m/new (better) england USA


ahhhhhhhhh just kidding.


Don't be. You, like me, live in the greatest city in America, the greatest state in America and consequentially, the greatest region in the US. New England!! Hell Yes!


Again, kidding.



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