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Space and time.

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I've been thinking a lot about this lately....don't ask why.


I don't know if you can answer it, but here it goes. I was half out of it at my GF's place because I couldn't sleep the night before and I was moving this polished metal cube she had. I was thinking....really how is this possible? How is time possible how is movement possible so I thought about it in the smallest terms possible.


You got space or points you have matter of the smalles kind occupying that point...now it has lets say it has points all around it. Are these points connected? or are they connected by something. Like:








Where a particle jumps over?


Is that like maybe why quantum mechanics allows time to exist in the sense that manybe the points were never ment to connect but due to the odd behaviour some particles jumped and allowed for time and movement and in that case allowed physics to evolve further?


I have very laymen understanding of physics so...be easy on me but hard on what i say.

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Hmmm... thats a thinker...

Maybe its like this.


You live in your house.You walk to your neighbors house. There is a sidewalk between your two houses so you can do this.


Now lets say there is absolutely nothing between your house and your neighbors house. in mathematics, this would mean that your house is your neighbors house. but thats completely true. it would require little or no force to travel there because there is nothing in between, but they are completely seperate houses (or particles).


I'm not sure if this answers your question in the least bit or even makes sense, but It is my basic reasoning for atomic transfer.

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I don't know anything, let alone my question, I was hoping someone could tell me I was wrong to say the least.


I just want to know how space and time are connected, and how it become that way. I get space... I get time...but how do they become one.


You could be answering my question and I thank you for that. I just couldnt really tell you for sure.

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Come on experts! :) It's your chance to use a fancy line like:


"You're not even wrong!"

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Now lets say there is absolutely nothing between your house and your neighbors house. in mathematics, this would mean that your house is your neighbors house ...

That kind of reasoning would straightforwardly lead to 1=2.


@Gutz: There is no sensible reason to assume space as a discrete (countable) set of points as you seem to do (I might have misunderstood you, thugh). The real numbers and calculus were invented centuries ago and have been very successful.

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NO you are right, that was an assumption I didnt see, sorry about that.


Then how do current understands see space and time and how does and event happen...how does motion come about?

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What you are talking about is the continuum; it being discrete or not. We generally say the ocntinuum is continous, although indeed there is a ' logical; inconsistency with a continous continuum and our intuition. eg. how is a body realyl finite? Calculating volume or area in mathematics in calculus, one takes discrte subintervals toweards infinity, however it still does not become continous as such. Infinities always have been somewhat irrational and are kind of the reason why mathematical models are models.. not reality (they map reality though pretty much perfectly or we disprove them and improve them).


A colleague of mine , or rather a former mentor, works in research of partial metrics, a discrete continuum, where a self distance of a point is not necessarily 0. Hence it is a more general metric than the metrics we employ in a Minkowski continuum for example.


I understand why you think about it and I can give you a hint.. You will find that any N-dimensional entity converges to an orthogonal N+1 dimension. (this is metaphysics too if you will employ it to reality so I won't say more).


For more mathematical understanding look up differential calculus, topology/manifolds, metrics and continuum. (Also eg,. Minkowski space to get it back into physics/GR, etc.) . Riemann is an interesting mathematician to link up to that in this aspect.



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Also, this has a little to do with Xeno's? Zeno's? paradox and the real line.. again infinites.


Anyway.. how does motion come about.. Well... science describes, does not explain as such (it does in subcausalities) but we do not have the ability to realyl ' explain' inertia, thus motion is not so easy to say why , rather how. How being enegy differentials lead to non equilibirum energy states, leading to a reaction which manifests itself through realignment according to physical laws (in which we have described as far as we know in its entirety on a classical level). Work is constantly being doen though on quantum levels and there is always speculation if GR will hold more new 'rules' in macros ettings we do not understand or not observed enough. (Dark mass/energy, black holes, etc).

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