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Electric Arc Noise


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Hi guys,


I just remembered a question that bugged me for a few days, months ago. I was watching cool youtube videos of the electric arc phenomenon and I noticed that the noise they produce was always a "b flat" (musically speaking). Does this mean that the frequency of the waves that the electric arc is producing is always the same, independently from the source? Why is it always the same?

I mean, in one video there's a huge arc more than a meter across making a thick b-flat tone/noise, and other videos showing smaller arcs from different sources on different places, but all of them producing b-flats!!

Did I, by a strange coincidence found only the ones producing b-flats or is there a pattern when it comes to the noise produced by electric arcs? :confused:





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I think the coils can hum/ring (maybe the arc as well) at the frequency which they are pulsed. The particular coils you were watching might all have the same resonant frequencies, which is why they all had the same "pitch", I'd guess.

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