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AgCH3CO2 + NaCl -> ????


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OK with a question like this it's important to know your solubility rules. Have a look at wikipedia, I expect they have an article on them.


Once you've got a copy of the solubility rules to hand, try to imagine the ions in solution. There are four ions, two cations and two anions. Notice that one of them is a big polyatomic ion (acetate), but it makes no difference. Then try to imagine what compounds could be formed by combining those ions. There are four possible compounds... two of them are the reactants. Then look to see if any of the possible compounds is insoluble. If it is, the chances are your reaction will be a precipitation reaction, and the insoluble ion will precipitate out leaving behind a solution of the other.


If you can't figure it out, let me know and i'll give u some more ideas.

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My guess is that AgCl will presipitate out leaving NaCH3CO2 in the soln ....


Why does the Cl ion go to the Ag ??? If Na has a lower electronegativity than the silver??


Thanx ...


Your guess is correct. the solubility rules predict that AgCl is insoluble, and so we have a reaction.


with regard to your next question, the reason the chloride and the silver ion get together is the same reason that the Na+ and CH3CO2- ions get together. The difference is that because AgCl is insoluble, they STAY together, and precipitate out of solution. If AgCl were soluble, you'd just end up with a mess of four ions in solution, and you would say that no reaction had occurred.

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