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New Theory

Ahmed Adel

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Time Energy Theory


Philosophical logic has been used as a substitute to mathematical logic



World is composed of dark matter or ( the ether ) , The ether is material has rubbery and flexible entity.

Whirlpools is composed of dark and hyper compressed matter and this compressing causes a strong whirl pooling


This whirlpools is composed of three whirlpools in the three axis ( x , y , z )

These whirlpools causes a strong condensation of (the ether ) in a small space



The dark matter moves to inside whirlpools in a waveform

The rotation of whirlpools forms the mass of elementary particles (The fermions)

Whirlpools causes tightening in dark matter and as a result, attraction between whirlpools occurs which form the gravitation

Two different whirlpools meeting in the same direction of rotation like (quarks and antiquarks) causes vanishing for both of them and because of symmetry is broken in nature , The vanishing isn’t complete and some small whirlpools go out .


Multi dimensional worlds


Dark matter forms as three dimensional sphere, So, motion is in three dimensions and the matter is three dimensional.

If it forms as four dimensional sphere So , motion and matter will be four dimensional

If we imagine the dark matter as cubic form and any cubic composed of number of levels imbricate over its components.


If we imagine the dark matter as cubic form and any cubic composed of number of levels pleated over it selves.

And if we imagine that there are flat - two dimensional – creatures live in these levels and move from level to another level ……and so, four dimensional cubic is composed of three dimensional cubic pleated in ways which we can’t imagine it optically . And there are three dimensional creatures live in these three dimensional cubic and move between these cubics and the same way to the a four dimensional cubic… and so, and if we replace these cubics with a spheral form we can imagine the form of the multi dimesionals worlds. When we imagine the world as pleated and compressed sphere of dark matter that composed of other smaller spheres with less density and less dimensions



In other words , If we imagined the dark matter as a form of straight levels. The three dimensional world is composed of folding that levels over it selves. If we resembled these levels with the pages of a book . When we bend every page a lot of times . The page’s thickness will increase. And when we shut the book the two dimensional pages change to three dimensional form . If we imagine that we change every page of the book with another book and shut the first book every page from this last book will be a three dimensional form with strong thickness and and four dimensional form will be formed . And so if we put this four dimensional book in the place of every page in the first book and shut the book. Five dimensional book will be formed . We will find that we established multidimensional folder contains number of bended books composed of the flexible Dark matter.



When we want to make a cubic from cardboard. We draw six two dimensional squares then we close the form. Three dimensional cubic will be formed.

If we imagine that we change every square with cubic then when we close the form , A four dimensional cubic will be formed and the same , If we change every square with four dimensional cubic we will find that five dimensional cubic will be formed in the world and so ,

This is mean that ( the ether ) can be folded and stressed to form these multidimensional forms .

Because of folding the ether the ether had been compressed strongly and that makes the ether conveys by whirlpooling from the world which has compressed The ether and has the bigger number of dimensions to the world which has smaller number of dimensions and little condensation .

And by the moving of The ether between the dimensional worlds in the way which has been mentioned the time is composed and the moving of The ether is the responsible for whirlpools moving .


The two dimensional world and one dimensional world hasn’t sky . The two dimensional world’s sky is created with folding The two dimensional world. And the fist sky in the three dimensional world begins to appear.


To convey between different dimensional worlds the dark matter in zigzag track. To imagine that we imagine the moving of a dot from page in the first three dimensional book to another page in the seven dimensional book through a lot of folded books through all folds which had produced by the super folding.



Dark matter and time

Dark matter moving occurs the time and in case of stopping this movement there will be no time. The whirlpools which are produced by the moving of the dark matter are the reasons of continuous whirlpools rotation and cause the mass existence and energy existence consequently.

The stability of the dark matter resemble the existence of place and in moving of the dark matter occurs the time existence.

Wholly existence is composed from the conjunction between place and time existence

For example, The cinema tape Quick moving for the fixed pictures form the movie



The dark matter expands continuously. So the pressure of it increases continuously. And that causes hurrying in moving from dimension to another and so time passes more quickly. This is the main cause of our feeling that time pass more quickly whenever era is passes. Until arriving to critical point has a very high oscillation.

the dark substance move from dimension to another in zigzag path , this is because worlds are folded over itself and because of this zigzagging path and the dark matter strong flow occurs the oscillation of dark matter which makes the time wave

The bigger dimensional world contains dark matter more than the smaller dimension in the same space this is because of folding occurrence. The dark matter moves from the bigger dimension to the smaller which has fewer pressure of dark matter and causing oscillation in the dark matter . The dark matter still moves from dimension to the next dimension producing the time’s waves until reach to the one dimension world and becomes in the simplest form –strings form – then the seven dimensons world can attract it . This process resemble the water cycle in the nature. We see water drops as snowy crystal form then appear as a liquid status then return to be vapor. This is the simplest condition after that the vapor ascend higher to iterate the cycle.


The organization of this cycle that achieve the perfect balance in the the dark matter and its renewal is the role of the organizing energy which dicoverd by P. Ibrahim Kareem the egyptian scientist of Biogeomtry. This energy comes from outside the universe


Whenever whirlpools moving increases, come near to the dark matter moving speed which causes time . So, the difference between its speed and the speed the renewal of the ether(time passing) time becomes lesser . Then, time pass slowly in respect of it.

The renewal of ( the ether ) in the five dimensional world produce time in the four dimensional world and The renewal of ( the ether ) in the four dimensional world produce time in the three dimensional world .

there is nothing can feel with dark matter frequency except from some thing doesn’t change its frequency with oscillation of dark matter that will be a thing being in another world has a different oscillation . this means that the etheric body is the only thing that can feel with time because its existence in the four dimensional world


Time for us means continuity because we recognize it from some thing dosn't move with it. . but for whirlpools (particles) it means changing and renewing for the dark matter .

Time slowing in big mass field


When the whirlpools come near to big masses ( big whirlpools ) the small whirlpool which creates the particle submits to the big whirlpool . This happens by attracting small whirlpool’s dark matter to the big whirlpool and this is cause decreasing in the dark matter’s condensation in the small whirlpool and consequently decreasing the oscillation. As a result, that causes time slowing in comparison with the particle.

The big bang


The rip caused big whirlpool between multidimensional worlds, this whirlpool composed of three whirlpools in three axes. So it caused a very strong centralization for the dark matter in the whirlpool’s center and caused increasing in density and make it as hard matter . After reaching to a critical point. The big explosion occurred, the whirlpool’s center turned to be small whirlpools from the dark matter which created the basic whirlpools for atom and collected to compose photons then electrons and positrons, protons until created the atoms .

These whirlpools convey the dark matter from dimensional world to another dimensional world . For example from the five dimensional world to the four dimensional world .


The dark matter speed increases with time because of its extending and that makes the whirlpool moves faster

Then the particles in the universe will be attracted to the Centre of the Whirlpool again and turn into a single one mass as they were before the Big Bang


Existing rate for the dark matter is less than collecting rate. So whirlpool’s center is always full of the dark matter

There is big whirlpool in every sky’s center and so in every galaxy’s center.

The galaxies (the big whirlpools) join between the multidimensional worlds .

The star’s sites have very great importance. Because these sites have the whirlpools which achieve the joining between the folding dimensions


The earth creating


There was big whirlpool in the place of the earth , this whirlpool attracted atoms to it and after being cold forming the planet earth , There are other whirlpools attracted whirlpools to her but it didn’t lose its energy because that whirlpools strength was very high , that whirlpools are the stars .

The light and dark matter


The oscillation changing for The ether moves photons . This mean that time’s waves

cause photons moving.

If any mass have the same dark matter renewal speed which cause times oscillation . Time don’t pass for it . So time will be zero for it. this means. If any mass moved in the speed of light . The time value is zero for it .

The oscillation of The ether or time passing . Causes photons moving in increasing acceleration. But stay for our three dimensional world consonant speed it is speed of light . Because The ether oscillate and cause photons and whirlpools oscillation. The photons oscillate and move causing ray of light . The whirlpools oscillate and not moving but its energy is going to whirlpools , the whirlpools oscillation increase so it oscillates the same oscillation . There’s no changing in speed with reference to time. There’s no acceleration.


As the power is the product of the mass with acceleration. And acceleration here means acceleration of light.


F = a c * m

AC acceleration of light

* d

F*D = E


E = mc2


The acceleration is division distance and time sqauare . Therefore the final product is the square for speed of light multiplicand in mass. This is the equation of energy for EINSTEIN

The speed of light is the maximum allowed speed by dark matter density .

For altering the mass to energy , the big whirlpools turns to be number of a small

The Strong Nuclear Force explanation


The one dimensional world ( the simple main form for the dark matter )is formed from threads . So , In the three dimensional world when whirlpools attract the dark matter . The power of attracting and stressing whirlpools for the dark matter return it to its main status (strings)

The dark matter emerges from whirlpool as string form. Then attracts inside the other whirlpool and move inside the hybrid to the opposite whirlpool and excrete the stressed strings from whirlpool center to un stressed The ether and prolapse to form the famous hybrid then gravitated toward the opposite whirlpool.

In these whirlpools the strings enter from axis and egress from the other axis . There are group of strings emerge from every axis tend to the other glouns. The strings enter from one of axis and egress from the two other axis to gallon. Group of strings emerge from every gallon enter to the three gallon’s axis . Three of these whirlpools create gloun . And three glouns create Quark . Three of Quarks create Proton or neutron. The kind of formed whirlpool determines the size of whirlpool . This moving causes changing in place’s oscillation .

There are whirlpools in the three axis X , Y , Z . In one of these axis the gallon tube enter ( the dark matter strings ) to the whirlpool center coming from the first gallon then it egress from whirlpool center to the next gallon and it brings out from center ( whirlpool center )another gallon tube and tend to the third whirlpool and this operation repeats with the third and the first whirlpool and by this way . The three whirlpools still attracted to others and the two whirlpools still in the two axis Y,Z.

In every gloun. One of whirlpool’s edge join with in the axis Y with resemble in another Quark , the other whirlpool edge which emerge from the other Quark enter to another Quark center in other proton and so .

This operation repeats with whirlpool in the axis Z . And the gloun tubes joins between neutrons and protons.

And so for galaxies which consider as gloun for the world. it joins with others by


when dark matter pressure increase inside dimension as result for extension . It coveys to the smaller dimension through zigzag path as a result of dimension folding over it selves. And as a result for matter pressure force and path zigzag , The dark matter oscillates strongly in our dimension until the frequency reach to critical point. After that.

The dark matter reach to the bigger dimension world which has the same frequency.

The whirlpool and the opposite whirlpool interlace in the three dimensional world . One of them convey the dark matter from the four dimensional world to the three dimensional world. And the other convey the dark matter from three dimensional world to two dimensional world. By two whirlpools interlacing. The dark matter enter from the four dimensional world to the two dimensional world. An compressed dark matter remain in whirlpool center (photon). time oscillation causes photon moving to decrease the dark matter stress which formed photon and turn to be un stressed dark matter and merge with the dark matter in the three dimensional world . As a result the photon disappear

The energy which was acquired by photon from the dark matter oscillation equal to the energy which was produced from whirlpool pressure .


Symmetry breaking


The moving direction for the dark matter which moves from the four dimensional world to the three dimensional world. Specify the direction of small whirlpools rotation

(Electrons and protons).

The big whirlpools consider as a brief way ties between the world . existence of whirlpools and opposite whirlpools keep the balance between the worlds to make the internal matter identical to the external matter in the mount , and this is cause the symmetry breaking .


The spiral of living creations tendency in one direction is a result to the dark matter path direction in moving between worlds in case of existence negative energy in the place . This means that dark matter existing more than entry in this place causes inverting in the spiral direction for example quark and opposite quark. On of them composed of whirlpool. This whirlpool attract the dark matter from our three dimensional world to the two dimensional world. The dark matter have less density and bigger frequency value . The opposite quark convey the dark matter from the four dimensional world to our world . And by this way the attraction between two quarks complete . in case of occurring approach between them to specified border . big amount of dark matter exchange and so the pressure on whirlpool center decrease . the dark matter in the center don’t go out to the other dimension and the center turn to be quanta of the dark matter spread as a jet then turn to the normal density of the dark matter after short period of time then disappear .

There is breaking in symmetry . If the whirlpools correspondence , the dark matter emerge after entrance to our world immediately . But because of the unsymmetrical . Quanta of dark matter accumulates before emerging.

Some quanta of the dark matter can move between dimensions during rotation in the whirlpool . Because of oscillation’s difference from the oscillation in the world. The oscillation changes according to the pressure on the whirlpool. This causes entrance to the zigzag paths which joins between dimensions

The electron and the opposite electron ( positron) are smaller and quicker whirlpools than the elementary whirlpools . So , when the whirlpool and the opposite whirlpool meet . The exchange and balance will be quicker . So pressure decrease on the whirlpool center quicker . The remain dark matter in the center will be large which create the photon.

Because whirlpool has a lot of arms. All arms can interact with the other whirlpools in the same way So , symmetry will be super .

Electron charge

in case of the main whirlpool . The dark matter exchange between themselves strongly.

Because the electron exist alone . The whirlpool is un surwhirlpooled with a lot of whirlpools . like quarks for example The effects will be bigger because of saving the energy . The most of dark matter for charge instead of being for attracting with contiguous whirlpools . The spin will be quicker because this exchange slow the spin. So the whirlpool effect will be clear on the far whirlpools ( far electrons ) this is resemble the charge.

black holes


The stars work as whirlpools . It attracts the dark matter from the whirlpool ends and emerge it from the other ends .

In case of being the whirlpool strong like the small stars which have compressed dark matter . it attracts the light and create black hole in the side that attract the light . And in the side that emerge the light glaring star in the four dimensional world .


The whirlpools convey The ether between worlds . For example . From the four dimensional world to the three dimensional world . The whirlpool compress the ether . The ether moves to the three dimensional world . The whirlpool still keep with the compressed dark matter ( The ether ) because the rate of moving The ether to the three dimensional world is less than the rate of concentration inside the whirlpool . This means . Every whirlpool in any whirlpool have opposite whirlpool in another world . The human body have identical body in the four and five dimensional world . And have mind and heart in this body


In the four dimensional world the ether occurs an oscillation different from the three dimensional world (The oscillation for our time). The mind of the four dimensional body affects with his world’s oscillation and turn it energy of ideas . The mind of three dimensional body can understand it.


The ideas are waves in the ether in the four dimensional world . When the ideas increase . It conveys bigger amount of the ether to the whirlpools in the four dimensional world . it means that ideas turn to be material in the four dimensional world . This material is saved in the heart of the four dimensional ( the etheric body ) . Every whirlpool has opposite whirlpool in the world which has bigger dimensional and smaller number of dimensions . So, the material which was composed because of increasing the number of ideas has identical matter in the five dimensional world . This matter or energy is the energy of sentiment. meaning that when we think in some thing for along time . These ideas turn to be sentiment . This sentiment is saved in the heart or the etheric body .


Every whirlpool has opposite whirlpool in the multidimensional worlds . The dark matter gets out from the five dimensional world through whirlpool and enter to the four dimensional world attracted to the opposite whirlpool then to the three dimensional world. The mass which are produced from these whirlpool accumulation as ether for the whirlpools in the smaller dimensional world. These whirlpools join the multi dimensional worlds and convey the energy from world to another; the interior mind is the mind of the etheric body


Because the etheric body dosn’t oscillate with the time oscillation in the three dimensional world . Because this body composed of the dark matter of the four dimensional world so, it can realize happenings didn’t reach to out three dimensional world and still in bigger dimensional world and can affect in happening with positive or negative energy when the happening is just a pure energy from ideas in the bigger dimensional world before becoming material status in our world . Any happening in double form may be or not to be . The positive energy increase entity side more than the other side

During sleeping or contemplation and mental clear the joining between the etheric body and physical body decreases. So the sensation of time decreases because the etheric body conveys sensation of time to physical body.

The etheric body helps physical body .in the vital works. When these jobs decrease , for example. in the case of fasting or sleeping . The joining between The etheric body and the physical body decreases .

body’s mind can receive waves of ideas from different era. The etheric

Waves of ideas can moves in the place in different ether space and don’t submit to the time oscillation so it moves in the time and its moving in the place reverse to the transmitter mind force and receiver mind force . And agreement between them.

The ether’s force increase with the positive ideas . The waves of ideal energy moves from the body with positive energy to the other bodies . The body with negative energy absorb the waves of energy .

The etheric body heart pump the positive energy to the etheric body

The positive feeling increase energy and negative feeling decrease energy

Every matter has opposite ether body in the bigger dimensional world

Whirlpools occur resemble whirlpools in bigger dimensional world

plant and earth have ether body keep the experiences and ideas and resemble realize and consciousness special for him .

Plant have matter superior to earth So. It has interaction with the environment . because water content a lot of water . and water consider as pot of experiences and experiments . we can emptying it and refill it . water have ideas which store in woods then it evaporates and come others.

Material matter moving causes the etheric body moving and contrary

Earth have an etheric body stores ideas


Ideas energy

Ideas compose of: Voices , Forms , Colors

Language divides voices into letters. Every letter have its private energy or frequency.

During think in an idea. The letters, colors and frames energy emerge from the etheric body mind

Energy gets out in the bigger dimensional world. And don’t submit to this world’s time and affects at happenings which consider as resemble energy.

During thinking in idea or group of related ideas the ideas energy increase

in the bigger dimensional world the ideas energy and happening energy are collecting

Happenings energy moves from the bigger dimension world to the smaller dimension world

Feelings are kind of ideas waves different in its frequency because it's in the five dimension world.

Feeling energy is saved in the heart of the etheric body in limited border in the mind of the etheric body to save energy in it

Ideas energy is saved in the heart as amass form. Because energy and mass are consider as one thing . but it was mass of dark matter for the four dimension world . this mass has etheric body in the five dimensional world . this etheric body work as un conscious mind to the heart of etheric body . because it saves energies which pass forward it as experiences form , these experiences resemble its realize to the external world

The feeling energy is saved as partial form in hands and eyes .

The unconscious mind realizes the external world by the etheric body’s energy and ideas energy to the external world.

When we repeat thinking in the same idea , The mind recall energy which concern felling from the heart . So energy increase in mind and the etheric body . the etheric body pump the positive energy to the etheric body

The etheric body of the earth save ideas energy which passed to him and affects at the etheric bodies which enter in his field with it .

Experiences accumulation which result from ideas energy accumulation causes feeling with time

The etheric body and development

The etheric mind govern at the internal organs, mind, and nucleic acid

The etheric mind adapt with the fields of the etheric energy belongs to the bodies in the surrounding environment and affects at nuclei acid of the etheric body which affects at the physical body and occur development , some organs adapt with the surrounding envelopment because Small changes happen in every era and the development happens by changes accumulation.

Unconscious mind contain genes (personality, manners, ideas) every feature or idea or sympathy in character has its gene and another gene to the opposite feature.

The etheric body of solids keeps sympathy energy and strong ideas energy and convey it from etheric body to another. earth and walls keep with ideas energy of persons who lived beside it and affects in any one beside it


Organizing spiritual energy

There is organizing energy out side the universe . Every name of Allah (GOD) holy names has organizing energy organize the world. . Every idea consider as energy and there are big ideas organize happening’s energy like right. Justice, mercy and so.

The organizing energy affects in the head level of the human body which is the soul . It’s superior to the etheric body and govern in it and in the etheric body energy. As the etheric body deal with ideas energy . The soul deal with the spiritual energy. It’s the head level in the energy levels . it’s come from outside the dark matter . It’s the source of the lowest energy . for example the energy of mercy feeling and its branches ideas energy. The main energy which come to the dark matter and emerge mercy feeling energy is the spiritual energy which resemble in name of the holy names to Allah. The Beneficient, the Mercyful. These names consider as big energy come from outside the borders of time and place. Out side borders of the dark matter

The spiritual energy increases in the worship places because the words that have spiritual energy increase in it . There is whirlpool for big energy as the dark matter which have whirlpools in the multidimensional world . This is whirlpools for the lowest energy . There are whirlpools for the biggest energy in the other worlds . Rotation in the whirlpool direction convey the biggest energy to the human body .

Whirlpools of the biggest energy convey energy from outside universe to the universe. It’s the origin of energies in the universe . It causes the move the dark matter and organizes this moving occurring time

Heart perception for the external world


Feeling composed from waves of dark matter for the five dimensional world . When ideas in one subject repeat many times . These ideas accumulate in the etheric body’s heart as a mass (mass and energy are the same thing ) of the dark matter . This mass will have etheric body in the five dimensional world. This etheric body saves experiences and experiments as unconscious mind for the heart and have special consciousness with higher energy and more effect. The emerged energy will be bigger . Because this energy emerges from the five dimensional world . And has realize more than the un conscious mind . So, the low levels of energy can be seen and heard with hyper feeling .

In solid . there is an etheric body saves energies which pass to him . It works as unconscious mind. It can realize with special way , but it cannot choose because it has no soul

- The conscious which concerns with feeling affects in ideas

Feelings have its private conscious in the bigger dimensional world because it has energy store. This store saves ideas energy. It has high oscillation so it moves to another world .

The property and its opposite are stored in the unconscious.

The unconscious divides into the two features

The idea increase one of them to another .



The etheric mind consider as memory storing center. And the brain is internal device only. And the etheric body heart consider as feeling store center.


Happening energy


When we think in idea. The etheric mind turn it to waves of energy in the bigger dimensional world . to increase events energy force and make event overcome the other event .

every happening energy in the four dimensional world has wave function . It specifies number of paths that happening can take it . Thinking energy specify path from these paths to take it in the three dimension world . It means that happening has number of probabilities in the four dimensions world . But the energy which was resulted from thinking in one of these probabilities is enough to convey the energy of one probability of happenings to our three dimensional world.

Ideas energy overcomes one of the probabilities. Its source is the mind of the etheric body. It means the unconscious mind not the mental . Ideas are saved in the etheric body mind. These ideas govern at happenings which had occurred before this time . and this is of course don’t forbid the whirlpool control in the nature or example the manufactured raining or genetic engineering . This is gift from Allah to human . As Allah make human able to control in his body and in nature around him . He also make him able to control in some happenings which occur to him or any other man . like


in case of thinking many times in happening . Happening energy accumulates in the unconscious mind. and we can know the degree of obligation to any happening by calculating the quantity of energy which increasing to other probabilities energy

The human can choose and do any thing by his volition in conscious mind but it’s not mean that he get out from Allah willing . Also in case of unconscious . he can assist in choosing his ideas by his ideas . but it’s not mean that he get out from Allah willing in choosing these happening . If the man control in the happening by his mind. Allah control in his mind and control in the happening

As a result of the dark matter rotation between dimensions. The energy of happening convey and turn with it. This is resemble in events repeating phenomenon. As we say. History repeats him self

in case of consciousness. The conscious mind integral with unconscious mind and merge with others. So the etheric body moves with the physical body. In case of sleeping. The un conscious mind desperate and the etheric body moves with out joining with the physical body.


Water and positive energy



Water doesn’t have specified form or color. So he hasn’t special energy (color energy or form energy)

Water can absorb energy and save it

Water keeps with ideas energy and consider as storage for experiments and experiences which result from realization. We can renew these experiences by renew the water.

The water cycle in nature emerges the negative energy from the land in case of vaporization and drop by the positive energy in case of rain falling.

Ground water storages consider as energy storage


The plant draw the positive energy from the land by its roots and spread it

There are letters of infra sonic waves have energy that affects at the etheric body but the physical body cannot hear it . These voices is emerged from plants and affects at human positively.




Positive energy and gravity

The etheric body of the earth has gravity. Attracts the ether bodies to it

The etheric body has big abilities because it’s four dimensional and moves in four dimensions and has bigger energy. Time passes slowly with it.

When idea increases or when we think a lot in an idea. It conveys to the etheric body heart. In this time this idea turned to be feeling, and the etheric body heart pumps it to the remaining members of the etheric body. And affect in him positively or negatively.

In case of positive thinking. The etheric body pumps the dark matter from the bigger dimensional world to our three dimensional world. The dark matter density increases so energy increases. The increasing of dark matter density decreases the whirlpools effects. So gravity effect decreases and feel with weight lighting.

The positive energy and sub atomic reactions


The dark matter density increasing affects in sub atomic reactions and decreases the speediness and increases the electric current speediness in wires because of increasing alienation between electrons

when positive energy increases on the photon . The size becomes bigger. So light take long time before vanishing and become stronger.

Whirlpool take dark matter from our world and the opposite whirlpool pumps dark matter for the four dimensionas world . When the etheric body pump a lot of dark matter ( not by whirlpools but by pumping it with lower ratio through the linking path between dimensions ) . In this case. the out dark matter is more than the coming matter ) . It means that there is difference in force between whirlpool and the opposite whirlpool . This is cause the weakness in attraction between the two whirlpools.

The negative energy attracts the energy of el ether to pendulum so. Energy and speediness become lesser.

Positive or negative energy is the energy in its pure status which comes from the bigger dimensional world. It can affect in the electronic circuits and pendulum. Because it affects in electrons speediness and the fore of the electromagnetic field and the field of gravity. We control in it by controlling in gravity.


The Infinitesimals


To solve Zeno's paradoxes. The scientists depended on the principle of the Infinitesimals and disagree in finding definition for.

The scientists consider the Infinitesimals as very small things so any number can’t resemble it so , we cannot measure it.

We can explain the infinitesimals in the light of this theory.


When the ether( the dark matter) speediness increases the number of circulations( the number of times of the movement of ether from a dimensional world to another) increases also. so, the bigger number in universe increases continuously. The time between circulations decreases and the smallest number decreases until el ether moving stop.

The unconsciousness mind can see the object image when exceed spaces during very small periods. But the conscious mind can see the subject in separated pictures as intermittent show. But realizes it as continuous show .

So, The mathematical solution which consider Infinitesimals as zeros . Agree with real world in the consciousness mind level. But disagree with real world in the unconsciousness mind level.


The Golden ratio


The ether moves from dimensional world to another in fixed ratio 0.61803399 of the ether which being in the preceding dimensional world. This means that the fixed ratio is the ratio for the ether renew. As result. This ratio is also the ratio for energy renewing. This energy includes idea energy, time energy, and all energies which form the world. So we see the ratio in the nature and in events succession at bourse for example .


The golden ratio which control in ideas moves from the unconscious mind for artists to their artistic works without consciousness.

In case of artists. The connection to the unconscious mind is strong. So the golden ratio moves from unconscious mind to their artistic works.

We feel with beauty in the forms which were formed with the golden ration because it harmonies with the golden ratio which existed in our ideas energy and world’s energy.


If we find source for water in the desert and small a garden was planted. We see insects, reptiles, appear quickly in this garden although there are no other insects or reptiles from the same kind is resemble to these insects in the surround place. How these creatures moves to this path through. These sands and how did these creatures know this place?


The explanation according with the theory . These creatures are being attracted to energy of ideas which get out of the plants and water . That happens while passing the energy of these creature with time cycle( the ether cycle between the multidimensional worlds). And because these creatures don’t have unconscious mind. So, they have no ideas that may affects in the energy of events, in this case. The event of moving to the new places

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I think before posting a "theory" you should go and have a look at what a theory is (wikipedia)


And understand what science is, I've post on this in my blog (link below). It has to be predictive and testable... Which words and philosophy are not.

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though it is impressive the amount of work you must have put into this ahmed. the others are right, you do need to test this and mathmetize this for it to become a real theory. so if you do that, then maybe it will be considered better. for now it is regretebly just speculation. wich theres nothing wrong with. speculation is the begining of everything.

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