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but if you were to isolate a hormone would it be in solid, liquid or gas form. or any of these. or just two of these. if it's just two e.g solid and liquid please say which.

I expect they would have an oil-like consistency, but I've never handled one so I couldn't say.

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well i assume different hormones are different. mostly oil-liquid like state... well oil is a liquid too :D

Well only liquid hormone iv seen (pictures, videos) is adrenaline (like when they use syringe to insert adrenaline directly into heart when heart fails).

Gaseous state is just evaporated liquid hormone - and possibly liquid at lower temperature/higher pressure.


there are basically two groups: fat soluble steroids and proteins (soluble in any body liquid?).

So hormones are not really liquid - more like liquid solution when mixed with something.

Still when you extract you get oily liquid or mix of some other liquid in body.

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