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A great production from BBC. I had not seen this before so I figured I would post it for others that had not seen it. After I watched this, I downloaded the entire show and was very pleased with the quality, both in content and production value. It was refreshing to see quality graphic work put into an evolution video.


**I posted this here so as to make it visible to everybody rather than sticking it in biology as it's more light-weight than I would expect for that forum. Feel free (as I know you would) to move it if deemed necessary.

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I`m sure they Would send you one outside of "normal" channels if you asked them nicely in a letter, they may ask you to cover the postage or something though?

it is accompanied by an Open University magazine too, but any postage shouldn`t cost that much.

it`s worth asking, the worst they can say is, No ;)

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