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Can glucose molecules pass through a semi-permeable dialysis tubing?

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usually it would be water molecules passing through the dialysis tubing as they are smaller than glucose molecules. It's a similar principle for cell membranes, only very small molecules (e.g. O2) can passively diffuse through the membrane, larger molecules will require ATP or some channels are specific to size or charge of the molecule (e.g. Na and K channels). Glucose would not diffuse through the membrane unassisted. Hope it helps a bit :)

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It depends on the membrane (or rather what kind of channels are present). But a limiting factor is polarity. Glucose is very polar (or hydrophilic), as such it cannot pass a closed lipid membrane despite its relatively small size.

Ow and technically glucose can pass through a dialysis tube, because the MWCO is usually fairly large (~3k and up).

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