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Most worrisome thread?


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There was that one disconcerting thread with the fellow that wanted to inhale pure oxygen or hydrogen (forget which) and there was a lot of concern as to the effects of nearby sparks on the subject.


I tried to search but couldn't find it... curse my poor memory and keyword skills.


As for most worrisome potential threads...


"HELP! MY [destructive foreign insect type] COLONY ESCAPED!!"

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If it was oxygen that'd be pretty safe, right? I know they have oxygen bars where you can just go and breathe an enhanced concentration of oxygen for a fee (there's supposed to be some health benefits or something).


Those mix "pure oxygen" in with air, so you are just really breathing "higher percentage of oxygen" in the end, whereas actually 100% oxygen can be a bit dangerous.


That was of course a "pure oxygen environment" but it would burn just as easily in one's lungs if you had a ciggy too soon after.

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The human / ape cross breeding thread springs to mind...


Hummm, this is getting interesting. I am basically lacking a willing human female (although I have had offers from certain fetish forums) a male chimpanzee, and a variable speed centrifuge. I have everything else, and tech. I have a centrifuge, but it's handcrank, and I adapted a RYOBI 18v drill to power it for higher speeds.


It's a wind up (the thread, not the centrifuge) but discussion boards do prompt a margin of doubt i.e errr this is a joke right ?

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How would an alloy of Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium & Caesium react with water?






actually, I don't get it


*not a chem geek (unfortunately)*


I imagine that it has to do with a large bang.

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I remember a few years ago, there was a guy who wanted to know how to commit the perfect murder.


You may be pleased to know there are organized groups of people dedicated to finding a solution to this question ;)


Even BBC has a documentary exploring this very question.


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