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hello guys!!


may be you can help me understand what's the difference (atomic interactions) between a metal spring's material & an elastic band's material and why is that the metal spring is elastic and the 'elastic' band has a plastic property??


What about the properties of amorphous solid? Stress & Strain?:doh:

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HELP !!!

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Your question is so enormously broad that people can write several books about it. :D

That's also why you didn't get an answer... it's a long answer, and I wouldn't know where to start.




Metal has metallic bonds. They're in a lattice. <-- read on wikipedia what all that means.

An elastic (please specify what type, probably rubber) consists of polymers. These are branched and therefore can change shape better. The structure in the elastic is not rigid. That makes it elastic.


I hope that is the answer you need. At least you got some new keywords. A thousand apologies that the volunteers on this forum didn't meet your deadline for answering the question. In stead of asking for help using CAPS, next time spend a bit of time to write down a better question... it really helps to get an answer. :D

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