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C++ Programming


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I wrote the following program 01.cpp:


//My first program

#include <iostream>


int main()


std: :cout << "Welcome to C++! \n";

return 0;



The file iostream.h is under C:\Borland\bcc55\Include\iostream.h, while the program is saved under C:\Borland\bcc55. I thought an .exe file was created after doing the following in Command Prompt on Windows.


See Picture.



cpp32.exe is under C:\Borland\bcc55\Bin\. I included C:\Borland\bcc55\Bin\cpp32.exe under Path in the Environment Variables under Advnaced section of COntrol Panel, so I can call it out anytime.


But my exe file is not created. Instead I get an .I file, and I don't know what it is :doh: What happened? What went wrong?


Sorry this is my first attempt at learning programming, so the way I describe the program may not sound appropriate. Sorry.


Thanks in advance!

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i'm not an expert but check the documentation for "command line options" or "compiler flags" something like that. you usually have to tell the compiler you want an executable and not something to be linked into a program later or some other kind of file.

the last line in the dos window looks like a prompt from the compiler for more info so you might try /? or /help or something at that point,the compiler may have some help built in.

hope that helps.

keep at it, it does get fun after a while.

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Haha, actually I am a bit confused by what you have said. But I sorta guessed you meant something like configuring, and I didn't know how to configure my compiler until i accidentally went to some website and i solved the problem. Thanks a lot :D!!!


And yes I think I am that sort of person who will find programming fun!

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