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Peace train! Merry Christmas!


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pretty sure he can speak for the muslims that can actually call themselves true muslims.


i've never actually met someone of the islamic faith that i haven't got on with barring one fundy nut, but i don't get on with any fundy nuts of whatever faith including atheism.


merry christmas!


and for everyone else, merry thursday!

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Can you speak for all Muslims?


Anyway, merry Christmas to you and to everyone using this forum, from me.


I think I can, Muslims are Muslims. Any killing freak or something like that isn't a Mulsim no matter if he calls himself a Muslim. I rest my case. Anyway enjoy Christmas.

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I don't think it is up to you to decide if they are Muslim of not.


Anyway, not sure if I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas on behalf of the mathematical community of Great Britain as I cannot say that every mathematician in Great Britain does wish us all a merry Christmas. In particular I do represent the mathematical community in my work and by my professional activities, however my view an opinions expressed here are my own and by no means representative of the community as a whole nor that of any organisation or society.


See my point?

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