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Only four more years until THE END OF THE WORLD...


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The end of the world. Interesting concept. I suppose it hasn't been the first time in earth's history. Unfortunately, we may be the first species to actually bring it upon ourselves rather than by some cataclismic event that was outside the abillity of those past to prevent or even foresee. Let us hope not. Indeed, let us hope. We have so much potential as a species. It would be sad if we threw it all away and missed our universal calling.:-(


As for as the universe, well, I don't see it ending any time soon. It, however, will go on without us. I think the idea of a universe ending is as unfatimable as one beginning. And, chances are, the ending of the universe is likely to be one thing we do see coming.

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Yep, it is the end of the world. It's the begining of a new era. Just like the world of animal transportion end by the world of machine. We will enter a new era, so suppra yourself up with alot of resolutions. I wanna go chill all days with my friends and play mind games while my robots doing the irrigation. We'll just party everyday and work like.... I don't know, 2 hours a day or whenever we feel like it. Probably building ships to travel outter space. Make new planets and make human being and put yourself as emperor. School start at your own paste. Sleep in all you want. That's... what will happens after 2012.

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At least the Mayans were smart enough to pick a date so far in the future that those that picked the date will be long dead before the date arrives. I hold that the punishment for wrongly predicting the date of end of the world, universe, days, and the like should be death.

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