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The Official "I'm Back" Thread!!!


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Even though I have already posted a few threads earlier today, I thought it would be appropriate to post the official I'm Back thread. So here it is;


I'm Back!

After a 6 month hiatus.


During that time I have been pursuing other interests and as such decided that I needed a break from all forums for a while. Over this summer I completed an internship, and pursued a new hobby known as youtubing (I don't have any videos of my own yet, just collaborated on a few...) and help run a game server (i.e. for ZombiePanic Source, the greatest FPS ever, until I get tired of it...). As well, I ascended among the ranks of my college chess club and am now it's vice president; we've already organized tournaments and lectures this semester so far.


In the background I focused a lot more on my studies, and I feel like I'm much more knowledgeable and wiser about the world than before :).



So, been looking around the forum. Doesn't seem like much has changed, other than maybe more posts and some better topics, and some new members being more active... But otherwise still the same old rivalries and debates going around.

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Well, I thought I'd not threadjack...


But I'm back too... * drum roll * after 4 years(LOLzwut??!!?)


Completed Engineering (Mechanical), and I'm planning to study further - Aerospace.

I still remember oldies like swansont, Capnrefsmat, and the very resourceful yt2095.


I'd remember more gradually once I start being here more regularly.

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