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expanding universe

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Originally Posted by johan01

It comes back to my assumption. Is there any volume in the universe where there is no heat, photon, particle or information.



There isn't. First there is background radiation -- the cosmic background radiation, or the radiation from any box that is placed around it (which there will be, unless you can get a box at 0 Kelvin which is impossible). Then there are virtual particles, though I don't know if those are related to the background radiation or intrinsic to space itself.


And even if there were totally empty space, you could observe things on either side of the empty space to tell if it is expanding.

12-10-2008 02:24 AM




my reasoning



when we say the space between objects. and objects can be particles, photons or whatever form of energy that we can observe. or measure .


then if we say that there is no place in the universe where there is no photon (CBR) . see above

how can we have the space between the photons. to me it sounds like a contradiction.I mean how big is a photon and how much space does it require.

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If space is being created with the expanding universe, can it be destroyed as well.


space could be created


lately it come to my awarness that mainstrem astrophysics has now come around to , looking at the Cosmic Plasma by Hannes Alfven


where galaxies , new made galaxies , are formed and pushed out by older galaxies


about time really

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