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An example of quantum entanglement results from the creation of two photons from a positron-electron annihilation event. The two photons emitted in each opposite directions are related through certain observables. By measuring an observable of one you, by definition, know the value of the observable of the other.

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The next step in quantum entanglement is a very profound result :


*) the value of the result of measurement is not set at the time of the separation of both particles.


Classically, this is like if you had 2 coins, then person A throws a coin far away from B, who throws the other coin too, and A can predict the result of B with 100% accuracy...which could be very useful to earn a lot of money at random games >:D


(bertlmann's socks are a classical model in which the color of the sock is set from the separation on, even if the observer does not know it)

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