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Hi all,


I was just wondering and was infact a bit curious about a question thats was bring put forward to me. In FTIR, N2 is used to take the background right and it is supposed to have no absorption peak becuase it is not a dipole but still the N2 show absorption peak....:confused:! I don't know how that can be. May be there is a reason that the in N2 molecule bond if not vibrate but does rotate that show the absorption peak.


I have no clue....any help????!

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No John, I tried the experiment my self and do get some absorption peak. I was quite confused. But now i am thinking that it maybe that the cell i used to put N2 into had been used to put some CO in before so maybe the N2 was mixed with some traces of CO when I put N2 in the cell and it showed some absorption peak

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