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boy or girl


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Since you put this in Genetics and not math, I'll assume this is not homework.


You come from a family of 6 children consisting of 3 boys and 3 girls.

This has nothing to do with future results.


Assuming the chances of having a boy or girl are equal, the odds of having a total of 3 of each is about 31%.


If you want an explanation, you will have to convince me that this is not homework.

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There is a homework help forum, and people are more likely to help when you don't insult them by insinuating that they are too dumb to tell a homework question when they see one. We are willing to help you understand, but we are not here to spoon-feed you answers.


Here's the equation you want. Ask if you do not understand it.

[math]Probability = p^iq^{n-i}\frac{n!}{i!(n-i)!}[/math]


p is the probability of the first result,

q is the probability of the second result,

i is the quantity of the first result,

(n-i) is the quantity of the second result

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