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I'm 15 and i've played around with lot's of different programming languages and would be interested in programming for a living.

The only language i would consider myself fluent in is javascript (I know it's not one of the higher level languages but it was the first i learned and loads quicker than others)


Now i would like to start learning to write some real programs that ca actually accomplish a task.


I've basicly started learning a bunch of different languages (C++, Python, etc)

I read the help files, i follow the examples i learn the language and then i hit a wall. I have no ideas, nothing to try, no goals.


With javascript i mainly used it to create games and such (and some half decent ones if i do say so myself) so i could usually make a plan and write the code to accomplish it.


With other languages it's harder....

So i'm just wondering if anyone has a language for me to try or a good site to visit, or even what others do when they get in the same situation.

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If ou want to program in general, learn C++ and move up to Java.


C++ is a terrible first language to start with. Just my two cents.


I'd recommend starting with a lower level language like C or a higher level language like Java, Python, Ruby, etc. C++ is in an uncanny valley between low and high level features where the set of compromises it's made have greatly complexified the language into a byzantine mass of concepts which do not play well together and do not serve a new programmer in understanding programming.

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Start with Java. You'll appreciate the beauty of all the other languages so much more ;)


... i hit a wall. I have no ideas, nothing to try, no goals.

Join an open source project =) put that programming to good use.

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Hey good job for learning to code at your age :) I learned PHP when I was in 7th grade and it's changed my life. A year ago when I got a job (just a month after I enrolled in 4 year university) as a web developer and it pays $15 an hour. I don't really know anyone else my age except maybe a few engineering interns that get paid that well, plus the job is really chill, fun, and challenging. If you are looking to keep going with coding, you should give web languages like PHP and jQuery - a library for JavaScript that is REALLY nice btw - look. I'm seeing a huge trend where society is moving from hard, download-and-install apps to web apps.


But if you want a good compiled language, I agree with everyone else, look at C/C++ as a good standard language or maybe Java if you want something super cross-platform.

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If you are wanting to try Java or Python then Codingbat is excellent.


Personally i think Java is a great place to start. People will always disagree when discussing what languages are preferable, but i do think Java is great, it has a huge selection of high quality libraries, which helps you start writing powerful programs very quickly indeed.


The flip side of the coin however, is that because it has so many (excellent) pre written libraries, its easy to stay abstracted from the workings of them, which can leave you at a disadvantage.


Just remember, a language is a tool, as such, there is no "best" only "best suited to a job". The more languages you familiarise yourself with, the easier you will find picking your tool :)

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