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Does time go back before the Big Bang?


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One of the arguments that got people away from the BB theory was the GR or gravity should have been too high for an expansion. This would be like expecting the biggest black holes to expand. This argument opened the door to other scenarios in spite universe expansion data. Another way to look at it, the same argument implies lingering until it finally is able to somehow reverse. Say is it pulsating in and out of singularity, erratically. We would have sort of a discontinuous ticking of the clock, with these ticks heading to the future probability one key pulse will open up space-time for good.


At the singularity state there is no time. If there are any odds, a vibration can occur since time is not a factor. Using simple probability, small pulses are more likely than the huge BB pulse. So we might expect a lingering-vibration until the lower odds for full expansion finally get satisfied. It is not clear how much all the ticks in the scenario, add to.


You seem to be speculating that once "opened up" time/space will expand indefinitely. My speculation is that our universe is a "timed" event. I just posted this year's version of my contentions in the "Pseudoscience and Speculations" forum's thread Is the Universe Collapsing?-2008. You might want to check it out.


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