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find number of atoms


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hello everyone i need help on a question, i have part of it done adn its correct but to get the rest it not working, this is what i have so far


Propane is the major LPG constiturnt, assuming that a 17.60g sample is all propane calculate


A) number of propane molecules

B) number of carbon atoms

C)number of hydrogen atoms


propane= C3H8


A) M(c3h8)=44.09gmol-1


= 17.09/44.09

=0.40 moles of propane



N=0.40x 6.02x10(23)

= 2.408x 10(23)


B) n©=N/6.02x10(23)

= 12.01x 6.02x10(23)

= 7.23x10(24) .. the answer says 7.22x10(23) which im not sure what i am doing wrong


and i can not get the correct answer for hydrogen, final answer is 1.93 x 10(24)


please help with the working out.

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