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High School Holography


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I am currently working on a high school science project and am really interested in doing it on holography. One of my ideas is to do "non-destructive" testing on various construction materials using holographic interferometry to analyze their durability.


My basic procedure involves making a hologram of a sample of the material being tested (ex a block of wood), then making a second hologram of the same sample of material with a stress being applied to it (a weight placed on top of it). My hope is that I will be able to examine the holographic film the images were made on, note a difference in the interference patterns of the two images, and make conclusions by comparing this difference to the differences of the interference patterns of various materials of the same size.


The question that I have is whether or not I will be able to properly measure the displacement of the interference patters on the film to make a reasonable conclusion. Are these patterns extremely small or will I be able to see them with conventional materials such as a magnifying class, or microscope?


My understanding of holography at this point is very primitive so any suggestions, information, or advice is appreciated.



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Ironic- I just bought this two dollar mirror- look into it for me, I have no idea how it works-

Two mirrors.

Now, make it so if you were looking at the mirror it would be convex (facing inward)

Do that with both of them. Now cut a little hole in one of them. Put them on top of each other so the hole is facing up. Heres the cool part- if you put a small object inside, a copy comes up. You want to try to touch it? blam, it's a hologram. :o look at how this could be working, I bet your project would pass with the right info.

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