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Dear members


I am a medical doctor starting a course in biostatistics, do you know where can I find very basic concepts of statistics?

I am struggling to understand concepts of statistics, so I need to start from the beginning but I don't know any web page. I would need to understand the very basics in order to understand the basic books


Any ideas?


Thank you very much



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Actually there are very good textbooks that explain the basics of statistics (e.g. kinds of distributions etc.). I cannot name one out of my memory, but they often have titles like "statistical methods for medical research", "statistics for life sciences" or suchalike. I would not be surprised to find a "biostastics for dummies" either.


Quite often they are a bit better than websites as they tend to be more coherent and ground up.

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Hi DrO,


You might also look into the terms "biometrics" and "biometry," which seem to be used interchangably with "biostatistics." Anyway, here is a list I found (after reading the wiki entry on biostatistics) which provides an extensive list of journals and books:





Here is also a Johns Hopkins site with free online open courseware:





Best of luck.

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Even to flesh out a little more of what CharonY wrote, if doesn't have to be "bio"statistics or statistics for the life sciences. The information is all the same, just that the examples are different for the different subjects. The mathematics are the same whether flipping a coin or seeing if a baby is M or F.


Any introduction to statistics book should be fine -- and I am sure that there is a Statistics for Dummies book. I'd poke around on a good used book website, like abebooks.com, and see what intro to statistics books I could pick up for $1 or $2.

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