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Pradeepkumar, did you do any research at all before posting this question? And do you need the answers to it for anything in particular? I have observed that you post a lot of questions. None of your questions has any background, and I get a feeling you spend no more than 1 minute to write the post.


You should realize that if you ask a question here other people are going to spend time on it!


The least you can do is try to see if google/wikipedia has an answer to your question.


In this particular case, you should have taken the following steps to get an answer:

  • Open

  • Type "sunspot"

  • Click the 1st link.

  • Read the first 3 lines of text.


Really, that's not too much to ask... and it is obvious that you did not even try this. Next time, try to answer your own question, and provide a bit more background.


I apologise if you think this was rude.

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