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proton is consisted of??

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once we people thought that the atom is indivisible.But now we have protons,electrons,neutrons and so on..what happens if we disintegrate the protons(say for example)maybe we can find a new elementary particle which combine with many other of such particles to form a proton.that is proton is consisted of????


May be an expert can answer my ques

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Quarks are funny critters. The up quarks have a charge of +2/3 e and the down quarks have a charge of -1/3 e and are also slightly more massive. The funny thing about quarks is that it takes more energy to pull them apart than it does to create a new one. For this reason, scientists have been unable to observe quarks as anything but a triplet of matter quarks, a triplet of antimatter quarks, or a pair consisting of one quark and one antiquark. Any attempt to remove a quark instead results in the creation of a quark antiquark pair being produced with the energy. I am not familiar with any theories that say quarks have components, but if they did they would be hard or impossible to study due to being unable to isolate quarks themselves. Particle theory says quarks are fundamental particles that can't be split apart because there are no components that they could be split into.

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